Popular Albino Corn Snake Patterns And Morphs

Corn snakes are becoming increasingly famous as pets because they are small and easy to handle. Consider getting an albino corn snake if you want one with a unique color. The word “albino” usually makes people think of white snakes, but these snakes aren’t solid white.

They don’t have any dark colors, so their spots can be orange, red, brown, or white. Depending on their genes, albino corn snakes come in various color and pattern combinations. Look at pictures of these pretty morphs and pick out one to bring home. Different genetic changes can make albino corn snakes look different.

These changes can give the snakes interesting patterns or color combinations. Because they have rare genetic features, corn snake types don’t look like wild corn snakes in terms of color and design. Designer morphs are snakes chosen and bred by breeders to have two or more genetic differences. Many morphs only have one genetic feature that makes them unique.

Albino Tessera

Tessera is a pattern morph that gives the snake a clear line down its length and big square spots on either side. This albino corn snake usually has a white or pale orange body with orange spots and red eyes.

Albino Motley

The motley pattern change is another one that corn snakes have. Trim rings and lines are on the sides of these snakes’ backs. If there are any other changes, albino motleys can be any color, from light orange to dark red.

Albino Striped

As the name suggests, the striped corn snake morph gives snakes two clear lines that run down their backs. Some have thin lines, while others may have thicker ones.

Albino Scaleless

Scaleless corn snakes are very rare. Some snakes with this trait don’t have scales on some parts of their bodies, like their heads or backs, but others don’t have any scales at all. If a snake doesn’t have scales, it can change its color or design. A white corn snake without scales can cost a lot if you can find one.

Reverse Okeetee

A famous design is the Okeetee morph, which has wide bands of red and orange with a thick black border around them. Since a snake that is albino can’t be black, the name for an albino Okeetee is “reverse Okeetee.” These snakes have orange and red bands but a white edge around them.


You might not think these snakes are albinos at first glance, but they are. Fire corn snakes are bright red, and their eyes are also red.


Sunlight is a color change for corn snakes with white. The snakes are a mix of bright orange and red colors, depending on their genes.


A butter snake resembles a yellow buttery shade because it is an albino corn snake mixed with a caramel morph. Butter can have a patchwork, reverse skeeter, striped, or tessera design, among others.


As the name says, this morph of a corn snake is white like snow, but you can still see its patterns. Snows don’t have the black pigment of the melanistic morph or the red and orange pigment of the anerythristic morph. This means they are primarily white snakes with pink or brown patterns that are see-through.


The snow corn snake morph likely looks like an albino snake because it is white. No design on these snakes can be seen, but some owners say that as they get older, they can turn a little yellow.


The creamsicle snake is a result of mixing two different types of snakes. Breeders assembled an albino corn snake and a rat snake to make an orange-creamy snake.

How Much Does A Golden Corn Snake Cost

How much is a corn snake that is albino? Different types of white corn snakes can vary from $50 to $100 or more for a pet. There are, however, some very rare design combos that can cost $300 or more. Do your homework to find a trustworthy corn snake breeder to secure your pet, and make sure the price is fair.

Special Treatment For Albino Snakes

Albino corn snakes need the same care as other colors or patterns. But because they don’t have any color, these unique pets have sensitive skin and eyes. It would help if you gave your snake many shady spots to hide from the light and be careful when you take them outside in the sun. Your white corn snake can live a long, happy life with you if you take good care of it.


Because they have unique color changes, albino corn snakes have a wide range of exciting patterns and colors, so many snake lovers choose them as pets. These snakes have a lot of different physical traits, from the beautiful Albino Tessera to the pure white Blizzard morph. Prices depend on how rare the morph is, but they can be anywhere from $50 to over $300. With the proper care, including considering their sensitive skin and eyes, these beautiful white pets can live a long and happy life.

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