Most Profitable Ways To Use Snake To Make Money

Keeping snakes can cost a lot of money. In your first year of breeding, you just barely broke even. Like many other people, I only breed snakes for fun. Most of the time, I raise ball pythons and sell them to make money. I’ll show you more ways to make money with your snake-breeding activity.

You’ll have to pay a lot for food, energy, materials, and getting started. That being said, I know how to make money online that can help you pay for your snake habit, er, addiction. Let’s talk about whether raising snakes can earn you money first.

One way to make money is to raise snakes and sell them. I have a lot of them. They need to be good ones or ones that no one else has. This is true whether you’re running a pet business or a business that sells things. Some people can’t even afford one of those three things. To make extra money for your hobby, here are some ideas.

Vendor Reptile Gear

Selling things is a great way to make money and get your name out there. People will wear something YOU made, which is also free advertising. Some people think making and selling shirts is strict, but it doesn’t have to be. Something as easy as a mug or sticker with your animals on it can be merch.

Many things can be changed about the items on custom product websites, like the ones below. You can print immediately after uploading your brand or a picture of your animal. To keep extra items on hand, you need more money or room. Getting something made just for you on sites like Etsy is easy. You can find people on Etsy who will make you t-shirts for a fair price. You can then sell them to lizard fans and make money.

Blog About Breeding

Remember how little you knew first about getting snakes and lizards to breed…Think about what you’ve learned since then. It’s possible to make money with what you see if you write it down and post it online. That’s strange. Since people learned they can make money with blogs, they’ve become more interested in them.

Google will pay you if you can help billions of people find answers. When you looked up the recipe, you had to scroll past the story. They earn Thousands of dollars a month just from ads, though. That could be you, yes. You could write a blog about how to breed snakes and tell stories about them instead of recipes.

Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money without making or designing your goods. Anyone who buys something from another company through one of your links earns you a small fee. To become a free Amazon partner, you must send people your links. For every “Place Order” button click, you get paid.

Also, it’s more than just Amazon. There are partner networks that make it easy for you to join the affiliate program of any business that interests you. The best part? Advertisements for digital goods, services, or personalized cookies can make you money. This can be done at most places of work.

Create Videos For Youtube

YouTube is an excellent place for anyone who keeps animals. Many people like simple movies that show them how to clean something or how to clean at home. There is room on YouTube for a big-time lizard video star right now. Again, what you already have can be used to make movies.

To begin, use your phone’s camera. You can record right from the app now that YouTube has added it. You can get sponsors and meet new people, like we did, or you can use ads to make money.

Stock Photo Websites Want Reptiles

I learned that there should be more pictures of ball pythons on the internet from writing about them on my blog. I’m sure all snakes and lizards feel the same way. You can sell stock pictures to meet that need, making you money. Keeping snakes as pets is one way to make money. Photography is another.

There are many ways to breed snakes. You can take pictures along the way and then share them so others can use them (for a fee). Put good photos online and wait for the money to come in. Your smartphone lets you do everything. Nowadays, cell phone cameras are excellent; the pictures they take look like a pro took them.

There are sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images that you may know about…Putting your pictures on them can make you money. Getting paid every time someone takes one of your pictures on Depositphotos is possible. You can get paid for that picture you post on Instagram all the time.

Utilize Tiktok To Create Videos

I understand; it’s a different app to learn. It’s true, but it’s not fun to say. It was one of the apps for social media that grew the fastest in 2020. Things will only get better in 2021. You can get paid according to how many times your movies are watched. A creator fund was just set up.

The app makes it easy to grow no matter what. It works sometimes, even when you’re not going. Some movies get over 100,000 views, but I only post a few times weekly. This is a lovely way to show off the snakes you work with and those you have for sale.


Most people who raise ball pythons or other snakes do it for fun, and most hobbies don’t make much money. A lot of people have hobbies to unwind and have fun. You can get the word out about your pets and make extra cash with these lizard side jobs. Like dogs and cats, snakes should live in every house. I will tell you this so you can make money and help spread the love for reptiles. Snakes and lizards have bad names that need to be cleared up.

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