Famous Dog Breeds That Often Get Ear Infections

Dogs can get otitis externa an ear infection that can be painful and lead to more severe problems if not handled. Some dog breeds are more likely to get ear infections than others because of how their bodies are built like having floppy ears or narrow ear tubes that can trap wetness and waste making it easy for bacteria and yeast to grow.

Some breeds are also more likely to have skin problems or allergens that affect the ears. Knowing which types are most likely to get it can help owners keep their pets ears healthy by cleaning them regularly and watching for signs of infection. This article will discuss eight dog breeds that are more likely to get ear infections. It will also discuss why these breeds get them and what owners can do to lower the risks.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are known for having beautiful long, floppy eathis makeshese ears make them very likely to get ear infections. Their ears are shaped and sized in a way that makes it hard for air to flow making the area warm and damp and perfect for germs to grow.

Cocker Spaniels also tend to have too much hair in their ear openings which can trap dirt and moisture. To avoid infections they must be groomed regularly including cutting the hair inside their ears and cleaning them regularly. Also owners should watch for any signs of pain like scratching or shaking the head which could mean the animal has an infection.

Basset Hound

Another breed that often gets ear infections is the Basset Hound which has long floppy ears that make it, stand out. Like Cocker Spaniels the floppy, makingt hard for air to flowandhich makes the surroundings damp and perfect for bacterial and fungus growth.

Basset Hounds are al,so more likworsen ea problemsies which can make ear problems worse. Taking care of your ears regularly and proactively like cleaning and drying them off after swimming or bathing can lower the infection risk. Basset Hound owners must watch their dogs ears to avoid longterm problems.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers love water which makes them more likely to get ear infections. After swimming water can get stuck in their open ears making it a good place for bacteria and yeast to grow. Labs can also have allergies that make ear problems worse.

To lower these risks Lab owners should make sure their dogs ears are dehydrated after swimming and clean their ears regularly. Keeping an eye out for signs of allergies and getting your pet allergy care can also help keep you from getting ear infections.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is another dog that likes water and often gets ear infections. Because they are busy and have open ears they may get infections from collecting dirt and moisture. There are also times when Golden Retrievers have allergies that make their ears itchy and more likely to get infections.

Key ways to avoid getting it are to check and clean your ears regularly and ensure they are dry and wellventilated especially after swimming or washing. Also dog owners should know that their dog might have allergies and work with their vet t; alls.


There are different sizes of poodles and all of them have hair that grows inside their ears. This hair can get wet and cause illnesses. Their thick wavy fur may trap dirt and make ear problems more likely. Regular brushing like pulling out ear hair and cleaning the ears is essential for keeping Poodles from getting illnesses. To keep their Poodles ears healthy owners should stick to their ear care habits and get help from a professional groomer if needed.


SharPeis often get ear infections because their ears are built uniquely making the tubes very small. Their small tight ears make it easy for bacteria and yeast to get stuck inside which can cause illnesses. Also SharPeis are known to have skin folds that can hold water and germs leading to ear and skin diseases. SharPeis can avoid getting ear infections by ensuring their skin folds are clean and dry daily and by regularly cleaning and drying their ears.


Because their skin folds and ear tubes are so small English and French bulldogs are more likely to get ear infections. Pathogens can grow in the warm wet environment that their skin folds make which can reach the ears. It is essential to clean the ears and skin folds regularly and look for signs of illness. Bulldogs may also be less likely to get infections if they eat foods that are good for their skin.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are more likely to get ear infections because their ears are big and stand up straight making it easy for dirt and other things to get stuck inside. Their open ears let more air flow through but they also allow outside germs and debris into the ear canal which can cause illnesses. Its also possible for German Shepherds to have allergies that make their ears sick. German Shepherd owners should regularly clean tinfections ears and check for aller, live,afe.


Some dog breeds are more likely to get ear infections because of how they look live, orners can protect their pets ears by recognising these types and knowing why they are more likely to get this problem. Ear infections can be avoided by regularly cleaning brushing and taking your pet to the vet for checkups. By caring for their dogs ears owners can help ensure that their pets live relaxed happy lives without dealing with the pain of ear infections.

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